Expo Sans™ Dotscreen

An attention-grabbing display type inspired by Expo Sans Pro.
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Expo Sans Dotscreen began in 1997 as a simple alphabet which resulted from a few experiments in type modification and was subsequently used in a couple of posters and an exhibition. In 2004, intensive work began on expanding the alphabet to an entire OpenType font, complete with advanced typographic features for alternate figures.

Each character and glyph has been painstakingly rendered in PostScript outlines so that Expo Sans Dotscreen can do something that “auto-traced” fonts can’t do: stand up to intense enlargement. (Exhibition designers and signmakers, take note.) Sure, it’s always possible to make Expo Sans Dotscreen “dirtier” by using disturbance filters in many applications, but remember, there are no “make-it-perfect” filters. That’s why a clean and well-defined font is a good starting point and offers more possibilities.

So have fun! Whether nebulous and grainy at small sizes or hyperactive and explosive at large sizes, Expo Sans Dotscreen provides users with a typeface that will go as far as their imaginations.


Image - Regular styles



OpenType Features

  • Proportional Oldstyle Figures
  • Tabular Oldstyle Figures
  • Proportional Lining Figures
  • Tabular Lining Figures


CFF PostScript OpenType
(see Technical Support for compatibility)

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