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To all who are supporting TypeCulture – friends, customers, contributors and authors, and all the people who visit and benefit from the site:

When I learned of the Africa Schoolhouse Foundation, I knew that it was the right place for TypeCulture to make a more measurable contribution to the world in which we live. While I think that creating new typefaces and posting ideas and information on type and typography are positive contributions to our visual culture – and to the cultures of communication and understanding – I have often wondered how TypeCulture could have a more immediate and tangible impact.

Africa Schoolhouse’s pilot project was the development and construction of a school complex in the Tanzanian village of Ntulya which would provide primary schooling to 600 children who would otherwise never receive a basic education. Completed in 2011, this project was rather small when compared to the large relief and development projects sponsored by government initiatives, global corporations and Bono. But that is what drew me to it. It was contained; its success could be followed, step by step, and I know the project founder personally – I trust her knowledge of the task and her dedication to the people of Ntulya. This is a project which could be actively followed as its objectives were gradually achieved.

Africa Schoolhouse is continuing its work with the renovation of four dilapidated schools in area villages and the construction of wells and cisterns that provide clean drinking water. Since 2009, TypeCulture has donated 5% of its annual earnings in retail licenses to support ASF projects. In the belief that education can solve many of the problems in our world, I am enthusiastic about this particular opportunity to help and make a difference.

Project updates are posted at regular intervals on Africa Schoolhouse’s Instagram page.

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Africa Schoolhouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization – founded by Dr. Aimée Bessire and a dedicated group of friends – that is committed to building sustainable school communities for children in underserved areas of Africa. Their goal is to aid the progress of learning using modern technology and environmentally conscious methods while safeguarding the traditional teachings of cultural heritage.

Africa Schoolhouse works in partnership with communities and the local government in rural Tanzania to build desperately needed schools, deep wells and medical clinics. We believe that collaboration is essential in order to spark growth and improve lives. Working closely with village leaders to develop infrastructure ensures that we will meet the population’s current needs and make it possible for them to sustain the projects long into the future.

Africa Schoolhouse believes that you can’t educate children or provide medical care for people if there aren’t schools or clinics in which to do so. Our experience has shown us that people need safe places in which to thrive, and we believe in building those spaces, one project at a time.

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