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Welcome to the TypeCulture Academic Resource - an educational aid for students, educators and professionals who are seeking information about the history, design, manufacture and use of typefaces.

I am pleased to offer this resource; I have long sought after a compendium of reliable information about type and typography for my students. While there are a number of good websites that contain a wealth of links, some of which are included here, the thoroughness and accuracy of other sources often leave much to be desired. So I offer this as a reliable resource for finding out more about type.

I heartily welcome your contributions, corrections and constructive criticism.

Mark Jamra

Articles & Essays

A collection of writings about typography and type design.


A collection of videos and short documentaries about type, typography and technology.

Research Directory

The starting point for on-line research into type - clear, well-organized and easy to use.

Education Extras

Proceedings and results of letterform design workshops, design seminars and explorations into type design & typography.


Designing Cherokee Type

The story of Phoreus Cherokee in a lecture at The Cooper Union, given on 13 July 2015. This video shows the research, correspondence and innovations that occurred during the design of a type family for the Cherokee Nation.

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